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Fitness is essential for the wellbeing and quality care of our families.

Prioritizing physical fitness enhances the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual pillars in life.  Our health and wellness programs are focused on teaching the principles that lead to a more vibrant daily, healing experience.  From the use of prayer and biblical meditation, to exercise and sports technical development, to use of essential minerals, vitamins, and oils, we provide wholistic methods that lead to wellness.  The goal of our fitness and wellness programs is to develop communities that understand the necessary elements that lead to physical and spiritual wholeness.

Fitness Family Teams

The organization is comprised of Fitness Family Teams that are focused on uniting individuals into groups of interest.  Fitness Family Teams include our Fasting and Prayer Group (The Longevity Team), our Walking and Running Group (The WISE Team), our Sports Development Group (Griffith Global Athletics), and Chronic Disease Collaboration Group (The Longevity Team). These teams function to provide communal support and encouragement to practice proper diet, exercise, and disease control.  

Additionally, you may request one on one counsel or skill development.  Griffith Global Athletics provides sports development, and technical skills training in both group and private settings.  To join a specific team or to have your child place in a team or group or to schedule individual technical skills training, email us at

Teams: Walking, Running, Basketball, Tennis, Longevity Team, Chronic Disease Collaboration.

Individual: Tennis Development, Basketball Skills Development, Fasting & Prayer Counsel, Diet Counseling.

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