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Blessing the lives of many families through the empowerment of God's word and His divine Spirit.  Realigning Families through programs that empower the whole person

We strive to build strong and resilient families.  Our Heavenly Family Program is designed to train and educate families on the process of developing and motivating all members of the family.  Our Family Program is designed to strengthen marriages, empower child development, and provide principles that bolster the overall family.

Additionally, we are aligned and focused on generating innovative ideas that enhance household education, provide key capabilities to help families raise their children to become leaders, mentors, and coaches for their community.  Connect with our Family Program and get your children connected to our sports programs, public speaking programs, leadership and coaching programs.  It's never too early to start, contact us today.

Teen Prayer Group

Heavenly Family Teams

Our organization is established to created Heavenly Family Teams who focus on family development and individual development.  Within the program, we mentor and coach families in academic development, music, sports, public speaking and mass communication, and community service.  If you would like to be mentored and coached on a specific skillset or if you would like to learn how to set up a Heavenly Family Team in your local community or city, email us and we will help you to get started. 

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