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Hello Family! We are having a Memorial Day Fellowship and we welcome you! If you can make it, please sign up, bring the kiddos, and come have a great time with us. Music, Food, and Fellowship. We will also have sports (basketball/soccer) for the kids outdoors. Begins at 1PM...!/showSignUp/10c0c44a8af2baafece9-memorial

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Hello Family. Great News for those who want to continue to practice and develop in the game of basketball.

I'm so proud of how every player adapted to the league we are currently playing in. As you know we entered into this league last minute and we have grown as a team and learned a lot of our deficiencies. We have also learned about our strengths. Now we are set for the St. James League for those who want to continue.

Beginning 30 May-30 June we will begin the St. James Summer League - I've attached a picture of the uniforms we will use for that league. If you would like to own your uniform there will be an option to pay for it, but otherwise you can use it for the league.

Beginning 26 June, Charles County will start their league and it runs through the end of August. If you want to play, just register with Charles County (you can choose any team but if you prefer to play with us, just make the request).

I'm looking forward to you all continuing to develop in character, leadership, and basketball. God bless everyone!

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