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We train, educate, and develop coaches, mentors, motivational speakers, and organizations on how to build a follower base for their business and brand.

To create a successful industry, business, or organization it's imperative to have a consolidated and comprehensive understanding on how to build a follower base/customer base.  Dr. Griffith Global has a tried and proven strategy and business methodology to create follower ecosystems on a local, state, national, and international level.  If you are seeking to build a local community or develop an international online brand, we can help.  

Additionally, we have the subject matter experts, engineers, and web-designers to inexpensive and collaborative platforms for your communities.  With a social media presence of over 2 Million followers across the globe, we possess the tools and strategies to help you find your following.  With your service and capability, blended with our media and social media strategies, together we help you to be successful, prosperous, and profitable in all of your endeavors.  Email us now, to get started.

Follower & Growth Strategy Teams

Our organization is established to help you to find your community of followers and enhance your reach and provide your services.  Within the program, we mentor and coach you on how to establish your followers, engage with them, and provide your service to them.  Additionally, we specifically educate you on how to develop a convergence strategy and strategically profit within your business or organization.  If you would like to take advantage of this service, please email us:

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