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Team, what a great season! What a pleasure to coach each of you! I will be in contact soon!

Photo Credit: Joe Lawson (Bryce's Dad). Thanks everyone for your support.

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Hello Family,

I just wanted to say you did a great job today. Your practice and improvement is showing off in so many ways.

11-12 Year Old Team. You guys did great. You beat a team that was bigger and possibly more athletic than you. You passed the ball very well, hustled, got steals, and shot the ball like men. I was very proud of how you continued to work together even though we got fouled a lot. You encouraged each other, moved the ball, and stuck up for each other. You nailed free throws and even knocked down some of those 3-Pointers that we practiced. Keep up the great energy and can't wait to practice on Monday. We won by double digits.

15-18 Year Old Team. You guys shocked the gym today. We started off very slow, scoring only 4 points in the first quarter. After a quick talk and reminder, the engines kicked in and we took off, just like we discussed in the huddle. I was very glad to see that you were knocking down shots and scoring the 3 ball. Additionally, I was impressed at how you made changes in the game and adjusted your focus. You planted your feet on the laps and penetration. You moved the ball like a team and gave the open man the shot. You took advantage of getting the ball down the court and you finished. You played unselfish basketball and kept your head in the game. We won by over 20.

All I can say is, keep up the good work. Everyone is getting better. As long as we get better it's going to be more and more difficult for others to keep up with us. Congrats on your victories today! See you Monday.


For those who have asked about travel basketball, if you are ready to register your kid on the travel team, I have arranged for us to play in Ellicot City for 8 Friday's, beginning 1 Apr (right after our playoffs). All 8 Friday's will be in Ellicot City and surrounding. If you are ready to get your son registered, you can go to and pay $200 (this includes Jersey fees and our tournament fee). If the kids enjoy those 8 games we will continue with specialized AAU tournaments. Once you pay the $200 please let me know so I can verify we have at least 7 players. We have to be registered by 1 March to be enrolled as a team. Thank you for your support and thanks for the snacks today Meka!

If you want to volunteer to bring snacks next week, please sign up on the snack list.

God bless all of you! Glad to share this time with you and your families!

-Coach G

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Team, here are some highlights from the previous game. Thanks to Mr Joe Lawson (Bryce's dad) for capturing these nice shots.

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